What Happens During Your Session?

We've put together a few tips here that will help you better prepare for your photo session. This will ensure an effective and harmonious running of the shoot. Maybe this is your first time in front of the camera, or you're a seasoned pro! Either way, we want this to be an enjoyable experience!

Your creative vision
We will work hard to get the best results out of your session, but to achieve this, the responsibility lies not only in our hands, but also in yours. Come relaxed and ready to have fun! We want your images to radiate, so we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and provide guidance as needed.
What happens after the shoot?
After the shoot, we make the first edits and present the results in our office space or online. Here the project can be viewed before the retouching and can be ordered directly. The actual retouching is performed after the order is made. All images can be orederd both in black and white, and color. We save all project files for a maximum period of two years, after which they are deleted. Images can be purchased from our studio during this time frame.
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